Best Binary Option Brokers 2021 with Minimum Deposit

Best Binary Option Brokers with Minimum Deposit

In the ranking let’s take apart the best binary options brokers with a minimum deposit of no more than $10.

The main advantage of binary options is the ability to make quick money. But many newbies are also attracted by the fact that you can start trading with a small investment. Even 200-300 dollars is not much. After all, to make money on the same Forex, it will take more. But among them there are those that offer a beginner to test himself in trading without risking serious amounts. Next, we will briefly recall 8 binary options brokers with a minimum deposit of no more than $ 10.


Agree, even after the sharp fall of the ruble, 5-10 dollars remained a small amount. Everyone can afford to invest that kind of money and gain experience in real trading. There are many companies that offer such conditions, but not all of them are completely honest. invites you to familiarize yourself only with trusted companies, the minimum deposit of which does not exceed $ 10.

Further, a not quite rating will be presented. Therefore, the last broker on the list does not have to be the worst.

Also note that we wrote about each of the brokers in detail. Therefore, only the main features will be mentioned below. So, are you ready? Let’s start then.

IQ Option – $ 10

And although the broker does not work in Russia yet, it still remains the most popular in the world. In addition, residents of other countries of the former USSR can easily register on the company’s website. Why do this? Because this binary options broker with a minimum deposit of $ 10 provides:

  • Free and unlimited demo account for $ 1000 with the ability to restore the balance;
  • A functional trading platform, about the features of which you can write a separate article;
  • Responsive and professional support team.

Surely, many Russian traders are waiting for the return of IQ Option, a proven binary options broker with a minimum deposit. After all, this is one of the few places where you can not worry about the safety of funds.


OlympTrade – $ 10

One of the youngest binary options brokers with a minimum bet of just $ 1 or 35 rubles. Despite this, OlympTrade has already chosen 370 thousand traders, to whom the company has paid more than $ 3 million. The main advantages of the broker:

  • Free demo account with the ability to restore balance. You can use it immediately after registration;
  • One of the best trading training academies among all brokers. Constant webinars in which only useful information is told, a large number of simple and effective strategies, etc. All this is on the OlympTrade website;
  • A proprietary functional platform that allows you to use multiple indicators. But if they are not enough, you can open a live chart in the second window, which is on the company’s website.

Binomo – $ 10

Another binary options broker with a minimum bet of $ 1 and a deposit of $ 10. In addition to honesty, reliability and a low entry threshold for starting trading, the advantages of a broker are:

  • Free demo account for 50 thousand rubles, which is provided without the need for replenishment;
  • Permanent promotions that allow the trader to get additional money for trading;
  • Convenient trading platform with a large schedule and work with minimal delays.

Reviews of Binomo are mostly positive. This confirms the fact that the company is reliable.

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