Binary options without investment

Binary options without investment

Some brokers allow you to make real money on binary options without investment . You can also get funds for risk-free trading after making a deposit. And if the platform’s capabilities are not suitable, the trader has the right to create his own and earn on trading without trading on his own. Making money in this way is difficult, but real.


Contests and tournaments on a demo account

One of the easiest options to start trading is to participate in a tournament. This will allow you to get initial capital and develop your trading skills. Competitions can be paid and free, but the principle is the same:

  1. Participants receive a separate account with the same starting balance.
  2. The specified time lasts: usually up to several days. Longer tournaments are paid for.
  3. After draining the tournament deposit, the balance can be purchased for a fee.
  4. According to the results of trading, 20-50 participants with the highest balance distribute the prize fund.

Tournaments are a good opportunity to test different trading strategies, including deposit acceleration systems . As a rule, to win in a short period of time, you need to increase your starting capital by 100-200 times.

Tournaments are regularly held by four brokers: Binarium, Pocket Option, Binomo.

Binarium . Competitions are held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 08:00 to 03:00. The starting balance is 1500 virtual dollars. The prize fund is $ 1500 in the form of bonuses, which are distributed among 50 participants with the maximum balance.

Even winning the free Binarium tournament will not allow you to earn real money. But the bonus becomes available for withdrawal after the completion of a trade turnover, which is 40 times the prize received. For example, having won $ 100, the sum of all closed trades, including unprofitable ones, must be at least $ 4000.

Pocket Option . Free competitions are held on weekdays. The top three traders share the real prize of $ 250: $ 125 for first place, $ 75 for second place, $ 50 for third place. You can participate in the daily competition immediately after registration, even with a zero real account balance. The only condition is to pass verification.

A trader has 12 hours to win a prize. You can register at any time after the start. If a participant clears the account, he can wait for the next draw or restore the balance for $ 1.

Binomo . Every day allows users to participate in the Daily Free tournament with a $ 300 fund. The competition lasts from 7 hours, from 12:00 to 19:00 Moscow time. The prize is distributed among 60 participants. The maximum income is $ 39. Binomo credits the traders who took the last prize places with $ 1.2. The prizes earned are available for withdrawal.


Welcome Bonus

It is charged for the first replenishment of the trading account. Compared to the standard conditions, the welcome bonus allows you to get a larger amount. But this money cannot be simply withdrawn from the account. They need to be used for trading. You can transfer a bonus or profit from it to a real account after the turnover.

Brokers and conditions for receiving a welcome bonus:

Broker Minimum deposit Maximum amount of charges
Binarium $ 100 100%
Expertoption $ 30 100%
Olymp Trade $ 30 100%
Binomo $ 10 100%
Pocket Option $ 50 fifty%

Balance top up bonuses

Accrue an additional amount on condition that the trader deposits the account – a practice used by most binary brokers. There are two types of incentives:

  1. For trade . This means that the money cannot be withdrawn. They can only be used for trading. When you withdraw your own funds, the bonus also expires.
  2. With the possibility of wagering . If a speculator makes a trading turnover that exceeds the accrued amount by 25-40 times, he can take bonus money for himself. Sometimes the broker sets a time frame for processing.
Broker Deposit to receive a bonus Amount of additional charges Conditions for withdrawal
Binarium $ 100-1,000 100% Turnover х50
IQ Option $ 5-99 twenty%
Pocket Option $ 50-10,000 20-50%
Expertoption $ 20-2 500 20-50% Not. Profit is withdrawn without restrictions
Olymp Trade $ 30-5,000 10-40%
Binomo $ 20-3000 20-70% Turnover х35-х40

An honest broker will not impose bonuses on the client, but will provide an opportunity for an independent decision in the need to receive funds.
No deposit bonus

A few years earlier, no-money binary options were available to newbies thanks to no deposit bonuses. But now they are almost never given out. First, there is no need for brokers to further popularize BOs. Secondly, the company is interested in users bringing money to the platform, and not vice versa.

If a broker is actively distributing no deposit bonuses, then this is a reason to think about his honesty. Having been seduced by a large amount that will be credited without replenishing the account, there is a risk of encountering scammers.

Risk-free transactions

Risk-free contracts are another opportunity to make real money if your own resources are exhausted. Typically, this type of incentive is provided to experienced traders or after making a large deposit.

Risk free options – cashback for losing trades. For this, the brokerage company reserves on its accounts 3-5% of the size of the client’s contracts, and, if necessary, returns them in real money or in the form of bonuses. The number and amount of protected transactions depends on the platform rules:

Broker Cashback, as a percentage of the lost bet Required deposit
Binarium 5-15% $ 100-5,000
Olymp Trade five% 2,000 $
Binomo 5-10% 1,000 $

As a rule, money received as a cashback cannot be withdrawn, but it can be used for trading.

Earnings on training in trading

For experienced traders, one way to convert their knowledge into money is by training beginners. You can earn:

  • selling your own strategy or indicator;
  • conducting educational trainings, courses and webinars;
  • selling trading signals;
  • engaging in personal mentoring;
  • publishing tips and secrets on your personal blog with the involvement of advertisers.

Some practicing traders maintain channels on Youtube, where they shoot reviews of brokers, analyze strategies and indicators. Such content is in demand.

Each of the ways to monetize knowledge can be implemented without money, but with investments the process will be faster and more efficient.

Affiliate programs of reliable brokers

An affiliate (referral) program allows you to earn money by attracting new clients for a broker. The company gives part of its profits to its partner.

The first months of work, most likely, will not bring much income. First, it takes time to attract traders. Secondly, brokers pay money about two to four weeks after the referral is registered.

You need to attract new users to the platform through the platform, for example:

  • Your site on the topic of binary options . The broker provides webmasters with promotional materials and ready-made banners.
  • Thematic communities : forums and groups in social networks. Spamming with invitations is ineffective, it is better to create and develop a community.
  • Youtube channel . Users are interested in real-time trading and strategy review. The referral link can be left in the description under the video.

A popular way to attract newbies is by providing free trading signals. The user is almost guaranteed to make at least the first deposit, and the signal provider will profit from this. But you need to come to terms with a steady stream of negativity. Even high-quality recommendations need to be able to use, which not everyone does.

Tips for working with an affiliate program:

  1. Collaborate with multiple brokers . Choosing the best (in your opinion) company, it may not suit the rest of the speculators.
  2. Choose reliable partners . Scammers will deceive both you and the attracted customers. As a result, you will be left without money and with a lost reputation.
  3. Work to expand your audience . It will not work to consistently receive income by referring friends.


It is possible to make money on binary options without investments on your mobile or computer. You need to find a reliable broker and wisely take advantage of the privileges that the platform offers. But don’t forget about the pitfalls. Usually, bonuses can be withdrawn after meeting the minimum turnover requirements, and in order to receive risk-free trades, you need to make an increased deposit.

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