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What the trading platform of the IQ Option broker consists of

The broker’s trading terminal occupies the entire width of the screen, which is very convenient. It can be conditionally divided into several parts:

  1. platform assets and menu (left side);
  2. price chart and technical instruments (central area);
  3. trading panel (right) – settings for binary options and buttons for making deals.

I would like to say about the menu separately, so as not to dwell on this point later. The broker’s “menu” is divided into two parts, one of which is to the left of the price chart, the entrance to the other is located above the window with quotes.

Some useful functions, such as independently changing the currency of your trading account, for example, to rubles, are located in the “Personal Account” subsection.



Assets and statistics on the IQ Option platform

On the left side of the terminal, there is a list of assets that are currently available for use. Above are the most profitable assets, below are already less profitable options for a trader, and those instruments for which it is now impossible to conclude transactions are highlighted in pale color.
On the left side of the platform, you can, for example, view our previous transactions, watch video tutorials, learn about the company’s current promotions, and so on.

IQ Option Price Chart

First, the terminal design can be made light and dark, for which there are several themes at once in the lower right corner of the screen:

Secondly, in the left part of the price chart in a column there is a toolbar, to which we will definitely return a little later. Thirdly, in order to zoom in and out of the image, you need to lower the cursor to the bottom of the graph, then a special slider will appear.

The toolbar, located in the lower left corner of the price chart, provides many useful features:

  • chart type – you can change the type of asset price chart (4 options);
  • time period – timeframe or time scale (if you select the type of chart – “Candlestick chart”, then the value in the “interval” will mean the time per one candlestick);
  • graphic tools – various levels, lines, etc .;
  • indicators – a set of technical indicators;
  • minimize technical analysis tools – on / off this toolbar.

The trading platform of the IQ Option broker allows clients to customize their workspace in the best way, as well as to use various auxiliary tools.

Bonus Page – By registering an account on this page, you will receive an increased cash bonus from IQ Option the first time you deposit.


Trading panel at IQ Option

So we come to that part of the terminal, which is responsible for the process of purchasing a binary option. I will list the trader’s capabilities, starting from top to bottom:

  • amount – set the price of the binary option that we want to purchase (in the account currency);
  • time – indicate the moment of contract execution;
  • income – this simply displays the profitability of the option for the selected asset and the amount that we will receive if the option is successfully completed;
  • “above” and “below” – the choice of the direction for the transaction, as well as the order to purchase a binary option.

Now you know how the IQ Option trading platform works, what its features and capabilities are. The terminal is quite simple and at the same time provides a speculator with ample opportunities for market analysis and conclusion of transactions. In addition, I would like to remind you that we are talking about a licensed broker with whom you can register a real trading account from 300 rubles.

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