Olymp Trade Login. Sign up and registration Olymp Trade account

Login to the official trading platform of the OLYMP Trade broker

Olymp Trade Login. Sign up Olymp Trade official account, registration, log in on the Olymp Trade.


Login to Olymp Trade, registration, password recovery

You can enter Olymp Trade from the main page of the company. But using an arbitrary username and password is impossible to enter. You must first register. Let’s consider the process of registration, login and platform menu.


Registration on the Olymp Trade website

You can register right here (on our unofficial website). To the right of this text, you see the official registration window


At the top of the window is the name of the platform, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings and confusion. In the next two lines, you must enter your email address and come up with a suitable password.


Password recommendations:

  • Use the symbols of the Russian and English alphabets.
  • Use upper and lower case letters.
  • Use numbers, preferably not at the end or beginning of the password, but in the middle.
  • The password must include at least 6-8 characters.

Below the specified data entry forms, there are three buttons:


This is the selection of the base currency of the account. The company offers to work with

  • rubles;
  • US dollars;
  • Euro.

Even below, you need to agree with the rules of the company and confirm that the new trader is an adult. It is recommended to really study the rules, since blocking of market participants is very often associated precisely with violations committed by traders. For example, registration of two accounts is prohibited.

When all the data has been entered, you need to double-check them, just in case, and click on the big blue “Register” button. A letter will be sent to the mail with a confirmation link. From this point on, the trader can start trading.


Login to the personal account of the official Olymp Trade website

This can be done from the main page of the Olymp Trade website. This is how the authorization window looks like.


We enter in order

  • Email address provided during registration. In this case, it acts as a trader’s login.
  • Password generated during registration.
  • We put a mark in front of the inscription “Alien computer” if it is really a stranger. This will help avoid fraudulent transactions.
  • We confirm that the trader is not a “robot”.
  • Press the green “Login” button.

In addition, you can log in using social networks


The choice is offered to use the data of the following networks:

  • In contact with.
  • Facebook.
  • Google+.
  • Classmates.
  • My world.

Password recovery

During the process of entering Olymp Trade, a trader may lose or forget the password. You can restore or change it using this button:


You will need to enter the email address provided during registration. It will receive a notification about the password change and a link to perform such an action.

Platform menu options

After entering the personal account (on the trading platform) of Olymp Trade, the trader will have access to the menu located in the upper left corner of the screen. Its opening button resembles three horizontal lines one below the other. This is how the menu looks like:

  1. Trader login.
  2. His account number.
  3. Go to the section for replenishing the deposit.
  4. Go to the section for withdrawing funds.
  5. Completed operations to replenish or withdraw funds.
  6. List of all transactions for a certain period.
  7. Trader’s profile, where you can customize the platform for yourself, deal with the issue of protecting your account, display an image and much more.
  8. List of quotes for the selected asset for a specific time / date.
  9. A trading platform where you can make deals.
  10. Section for teaching everyone the features of trading.
  11. Technical analysis, company advisor, economic news, and so on.
  12. General information about the company.
  13. Data used by Olymp Trade in carrying out its activities.
  14. General useful information for all market participants, from literature to terminology.
  15. Choice of platform language. Work in 12 different languages ​​is allowed.
  16. Button to turn on and off platform sounds.
  17. Button to switch the platform theme from dark to light and vice versa.
  18. Platform exit button.


Logging into your personal account on the official Olymp Trade website is a simple task, provided you have an account. However, registering will not be difficult either, for which there is a convenient form on our website.

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