Rating of binary options brokers by reliability 2021: list, reviews

Rating of binary options brokers by reliability 2021: list, reviews

Withdrawal speed, trading platform functionality, technical support professionalism. All this must be taken into account when choosing a broker. But the main factor is, of course, honesty. Therefore, today we invite you to familiarize yourself with the rating of binary options in terms of reliability in 2021.

How the list of reliable brokers was compiled

Before we start describing the companies, let’s clarify how today’s rating was created.

First, let us note that, first of all, we took into account the reliability and honesty of the company. Trading conditions, comfort of working with the company and other factors faded into the background.

Secondly, in order to select only reliable binary options brokers in 2021, we took into account the following factors:

  • Own experience of working with the office;
  • Reviews of the most reliable binary options;
  • Reliability of regulatory agencies.

Today you will find out which binary options are reliable and you will be able to trade without worrying about the safety of funds and further withdrawal.


On this, perhaps, we will end. Which binary options broker is the most reliable on the list? Difficult to answer. Judging by the number of licenses, the leaders are Alpari and Binary. However, in reality, all companies fulfill their obligations. Therefore, we recommend making the final conclusion after you familiarize yourself with the rest of the trading conditions. Although they are less significant, they are still important.

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