Rating of the best binary options brokers 2021 for beginners

Rating of the best binary options brokers for beginners

Today we will tell you not only how to choose a broker for a beginner, but also present a rating of the best companies that will meet all the requirements. If you have no experience of trading (or it is insignificant) and are still looking for a suitable place to trade, do not close this page. It is quite possible that after reading the article, you will find the ideal trading place for yourself.


What are the requirements for a binary options broker for a beginner?

  1. Minimum deposit available.

Traders are often asked to deposit $ 300 in order to start earning. This is a normal amount for experienced speculators. But for beginners it is better to choose an office that has lowered the minimum threshold to $ 5-50. Yes, following the rules of money management with such investments will not work. But the trader will be able to assess the company, his capabilities and skills.

  • Low minimum amount for making a deal.

$ 1 is optimal at first. Yes, the profit will be small. But the losses will be minimal.

  • Demo account availability.

Why immediately get into real trading if there is no effective strategy and even a clear understanding of what binary trading is? There is no need. The demo allows you to build your hand, test dozens of strategies in order to choose the optimal one.

  • The quality of teaching.

This is not the main criterion, since you can study not on the broker’s website. But, if the company provides decent lessons to its users, it will be an added value.

  • Profitable promotions and bonuses.

Most promotions and bonuses are primarily beneficial for those who launch them. But this does not mean that a trader can not count on benefits for himself. The best broker for aspiring speculators is the one that offers attractive stocks. Joke. This is also an optional rule, but it will be useful.

Rating of the best offices for a beginner

So, what should be a broker for a beginner, we figured it out. Now let’s find out which companies meet the requirements described above.


Binomo is next on the list of the best brokers for beginner speculators:

  • The minimum deposit is $ 10;
  • The minimum investment amount in options is 1 dollar;
  • A demo account is provided immediately after registration and for an unlimited period. The starting balance 1,000 dollars. There is also a balance restoration function;
  • The Binomo learning system is not bad. There is a detailed description of several good strategies, as well as video tutorials to get acquainted with trading and the company;
  • The bonus system is one of the best. New promotions are regularly held, by participating in which you can get a bonus on the first and subsequent deposits, or even get free options without a deposit. In addition, weekly tournaments are held on a real and demo account with good prize money.
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