Rating TOP 10 Best Binary Options Brokers 2021

Rating TOP 10 Best Binary Options Brokers

The choice of a trading platform is one of the basic components of a novice speculator’s success. Indeed, due to scammers, you can lose money, time and become disillusioned with trading as a way to generate income. Cooperation with a reliable company means minimal risks and the ability to withdraw earned profits at any time. The rating of the best binary options brokers in 2021 from the website vlottery.net will help you find a platform with the best trading conditions for today.

How We Chose the Best Binary Options Brokers 2021

It is important to study the rating of binary options brokers with withdrawal of money even before registration. A reliable broker will not cheat, but will honestly give the money earned to the trader. If the trading terminal has a large number of assets, several types of charts, customizable indicators, then it will be convenient to work.

To compile the rating, the Vlottery.net editors conducted a marketing analysis and fact-checking. To make a detailed review, our experts registered on each platform, opened trades, and then withdrew money. In addition, user reviews were studied. Based on the review, several criteria were assessed:

  • Manufacturability of the platform.
  • Profitability of trading instruments.
  • Conditions of the bonus program.
  • Availability of a license.
  • The speed of processing an application for withdrawal.
  • Reviews of the company on the Internet.

Based on the results, the top 10 binary options brokers of 2021 were compiled. In total, there are almost a hundred trading platforms in the site’s catalog. This list is constantly updated with new ones.

Honest first-hand information is the main principle of the vlottery.net website. We do not impose our opinion and do not advertise anything. We help to choose objectively the best from a huge number of brokerage companies for free.

License and regulator

90% of brokers represented on the vlottery.net website have an official permit to work in the field of financial transactions. To get certified and licensed, the company pays an entry fee and then renews the membership every year.

If there are doubts about the broker’s honesty, the trader can file a claim with the regulator. Allegations need to be confirmed with screenshots of transactions, copies of emails, bank statements and other documents.

If the claim is satisfied, the regulator will pay compensation and the company will be fined. Therefore, it is unprofitable for certified legal entities to deceive customers. Their losses will be much larger than the profit that can be obtained by manipulating quotes. Popular BO and FX brokers most often have a license from one of the regulators:

  • CROFR is a Russian non-governmental organization that controls dealer and brokerage companies, as well as cryptoasset exchanges.
  • FSA – Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom of Great Britain.
  • FinaCom is an influential regulator headquartered in Hong Kong. In case of violations, the Financial Commission pays the trader compensation in the amount of 20,000 euros.
  • MFSA – Malta’s Single Financial Regulator.
  • CySec – Cyprus Exchange Commission.

To cover a wider pool of clients, companies issue not one, but 2-3 licenses issued in different jurisdictions.

Certification is a paid service, some deliberately refuse it. Therefore, the license of an international regulator is an important, but not the only criterion of reliability.


For a trader, bonuses are additional capital in order to increase the transaction amount and potential profit. Brokers often offer the following bonuses:

  • Welcome, for the first replenishment of the account. The amount of additional charges is from 50 to 200%.
  • For the second, third and next deposits. Depending on the rules of the site, you can additionally get from 30 to 100%.
  • Reload bonuses. Sometimes credited to traders who return to trading after a long break.
  • No deposit required. Now they are rarely provided, since brokers are not interested in this.

Additional money cannot be withdrawn immediately upon receipt. But they can be used for trading. Depending on the rules:

  1. Bonuses are used only for trading, after the user spends his own investments.
  2. You can withdraw the bonus amount and profit, but only if you make a minimum turnover, which is 35-50 times more than the amount of accruals. The second option is more profitable, but more difficult to implement.

Honest companies do not impose a bonus policy. The client can choose for himself whether he needs these privileges or not.

The top 5 best binary options brokers on the vlottery.net website offer generous bonuses – up to 150% of your deposit. In addition to them, you can get cashback or risk-free transactions for up to 5% of the first account replenishment.

Terms of trade

Trading conditions are a set of rules for working on the platform. They concern:

  1. Minimum deposit. For a beginner, it is optimal to start with $ 5-10. Companies where you need to deposit $ 250-500 at once are suitable only for experienced traders.
  2. The minimum transaction amount. According to the rules of conservative money management, with a deposit of $ 10, you can invest in a deal no more than $ 1.
  3. Contract yields. The percentage of profitability depends on the platform and time of day. It fluctuates from 10 to 95%.
  4. Expiration – the time until the end of the contract. It can be from 30 seconds to a year.
  5. Types of options. The most common are the classic “Higher / Lower” contracts, but there are also variations: “Ladder”, “Touch”, “Inside the border”, “Out of the border”.

Depending on the amount of the deposit, the user is assigned a status: from beginner to professional. Speculators who work with large amounts have the following options:

  • Extended list of assets.
  • Increased level of profitability.
  • Bonuses, risk-free transactions.
  • Signal trading.
  • Help from a personal mentor.

The terms are different on each platform. In addition to bonuses and increased profitability, there are unusual options, for example, cashback from the amount of losses, the option to copy transactions, accumulate experience points, and then exchange them for trading instruments.

Withdrawal speed

The speed of payments is one of the most important criteria for reliability. Ideally, a broker should:

  • Do not charge a commission for account replenishment and withdrawal of funds.
  • Do not restrict the client’s right to withdraw their money.
  • Process the application within 24 hours after its submission.
  • Verify if the user withdraws a deposit for the first time.

Verification involves establishing the identity of the client. To pass it, the trader must provide to the support service:

  • Passport.
  • A document indicating the place of residence (passport page with registration, utility bill).
  • A bank statement or a screenshot from an electronic wallet, where you can see the operation of replenishing an account on the platform.

Verification of documents can take from several hours to 7 working days. If verification is passed, the withdrawal is available subject to the limits set by the company.

The general rule is that you can get money only in the way that the deposit was made. For example, if a trading account was funded from a card, then the withdrawal is made there as well.

On our site you can find proven trading platforms that withdraw earned profit or their own money within the first day after the client’s request.

Training and analytics

There is a tutorial section on almost every platform. It is needed for a novice user to understand how to work in the terminal and open deals. With the help of theoretical materials, you can understand the basics of technical and fundamental analysis, create a strategy, get acquainted with the rules of money management and risk management. The training section contains the following information:

  • Description of strategies, indicators.
  • Overview of tools for graphical analysis.
  • Schedule of paid and free webinars.
  • Analysis of long-term charts.
  • Analytics of news and economic events.
  • Signals to open deals.

One of the training options is binary options trading under the guidance of a personal manager, which is available to traders with VIP status.

The training section will help the beginner create a foundation for professional development. But you won’t be able to find a 100% successful strategy or a button with money on the platform. You will have to learn constantly, but even this does not guarantee protection against unprofitable transactions.


Assets are all those quotes that you can work with in the terminal. These include:

  • currency pairs,
  • stock indices,
  • raw materials,
  • shares of companies,
  • cryptocurrency.

The more assets the better. After all, you can apply strategies for different market conditions and trade at any time: on weekends, late in the evening, at night. Reliable, trusted binary options brokers take quotes from liquidity providers, excluding manipulation of price charts. Information about liquidity providers can be kept secret or be public information.

Demo account

Often, trading platforms provide a demo account without a deposit and without a time limit. Virtual monetary units cannot be withdrawn from the account, or they cannot be used to earn real profits. But you can study, and in case of failure, replenish the study balance for free. A demo account allows a trader to explore the platform and test any strategy before investing their own money.

Trading terminal

A trading terminal is a collection of software for trading. It includes: web version, mobile application, Metatrader 4 or MT5 platforms. The most convenient terminal is the one that contains:

  • Price chart with different timeframes (from 1 minute to a year).
  • Several options for displaying quotes (bars, candles, tick, line).
  • Customizable indicators (the more the better).
  • Graphic tools (rays, lines, channels, Fibonacci levels).
  • The ability to quickly change the transaction amount and expiration period.

The functionality of the mobile application may differ slightly from the web version. There is often a limited set of indicators in a mobile application, which makes technical analysis of quotes more difficult.

Additional terminal options that will simplify the work of the trader:

  • Early sale of the contract.
  • Pending orders to open positions at a certain moment.
  • Hedging, that is, opening a trade in the opposite direction.
  • Risk-free contracts.

The trading terminal must have access to the history of transactions, to the personal account, the ability to create an appeal to the support service.


There is a support service on every trading platform, without exception. The contact details of the virtual assistants are located at the bottom of the official website. You can clarify any question:

  • Via chat or a feedback form on the platform.
  • By phone.
  • On the official page of the company in social networks.
  • By sending an email to an e-mail address.

The support service should promptly answer questions within a few minutes after contacting. The exception is evening and night. The call center can serve users only during business hours. This nuance, as well as the difference in time zones, should be taken into account when creating a ticket.

Broker reviews and reputation

Before collecting the best binary options brokers 2021, the vlottery.net editorial team analyzed not only the trading conditions, but also the company’s reputation.

On the regulator’s website, you can see how often traders initiate claims against the broker. Sites that have been working without violations for a long time have received a special mark about this in our rating.

Another way of assessing it is based on reviews on the Internet. Although they are not always true, and negativity can be found against any company, there are more positive and neutral comments regarding honest brokers than criticism. The platforms that have proven themselves in the best way have earned the Traders’ Choice rating in the rating.

Companies that are positively assessed by both users and the regulator by the combination of characteristics have been awarded the “Editor’s Choice” rating.

How to choose a binary options broker

Hidden advertising, false reviews on the network, diametrically opposed opinions about the same company – all this complicates the choice for a novice trader. Even with such a benchmark as the top best binary options platforms, deciding where to trade is not easy. You can act according to the following algorithm:

  1. Explore the list of brokers on our website.
  2. Get a detailed overview of each trading platform.
  3. If conditions are acceptable, then register and get started.

It is optimal to start with a small investment amount – $ 10-50, make the first withdrawal of funds, and then, if there are no complaints, continue trading.

Adhering to the rule of risk diversification, experienced speculators distribute their capital between 2-3 platforms and periodically withdraw profits to bank cards or e-wallets. The optimal size of the deposit is exactly the amount needed to earn money. A large amount on a trading account is a temptation to take risks and violate the rules of money management. Even the most honest broker cannot return the lost money.

Always up-to-date rating of TOP 10 binary options brokers from Vlottery.net

The vlottery.net website is a financial advisor, an online encyclopedia for a novice trader. It contains an extensive theoretical base, there are reviews of strategies, indicators, trading systems and tools. But the main thing is an independent rating of trading platforms.

For a beginner, rating is a tool to:

  1. Save time and compare conditions of different companies in just a few minutes.
  2. Get acquainted with the nuances of the platform quickly and without registration.
  3. Avoid scams and scams. We recommend websites of only trusted brokers with a good reputation.
  4. Trade where the best conditions are offered.

Convenient navigation and site filters will help you choose a platform based on the desired conditions: reliability, deposit amount, with a demo account, etc.

The rating includes:

  • A short and complete overview of the most popular platforms.
  • Information about trading conditions, account funding methods, withdrawal limits.
  • Profitable bonuses with and without a promotional code, just for registration and making a deposit.
  • Marketplace news: tournaments, promotions, contests.
  • Independent reviews of practicing traders.

Vlottery.net editors are independent of any broker. The resource provides exclusively truthful information that will be useful to every visitor. The project acts exclusively in the interests of traders, providing only objective data on all operators. But do not forget that financial transactions are always fraught with risk, even the most reliable rating does not guarantee profit. Remember this when registering at one of the sites to get profit.


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