The most famous binary options brokers 2021

The most famous binary options brokers

Binary trading is evolving. Today, the most famous binary options are large companies with a millionth turnover. These are brands that many people around the world know about. Even those who know nothing about trade know about such companies. We have prepared a selection of such companies for you.

IQ Option

IQ Option started operating in 2013. And today it is the largest and one of the most famous binary brokers, with more than 15 million accounts on its website. There are also other factors that indicate that IQ Option is a brand with a worldwide reputation:

  • The company’s monthly trade turnover is $ 11 billion;
  • Monthly payments to traders – $ 5.7 million;
  • The company operates in more than 170 countries around the world;
  • IQ Option has signed a partnership agreement with the global racing brand Aston Martin Racing.



Another company known for binary traders. Binomo is constantly growing, and the brand is becoming more and more famous from year to year.


We are confident that well-known binary options brokers will become even more recognizable among the public after that. How will the issue of the legality of trade be finally resolved. Since now many people think that this is a divorce or gambling, so many do not even want to be interested in trade.

However, the most famous binary options are already launching large-scale advertising and promoting their brand to the maximum. This means not only that the broker is solvent and can afford it. The main thing is that such companies are reliable. Agree, to become a global brand and invest millions of dollars in it in order to deceive several thousand users and not earn anything.

Therefore, when choosing a broker, look not only at the regulation and trading conditions, but also at the name of the company. If it is known to many, this increases the chances that the office will consistently pay money.

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